Imaginary Gallery

This is an Imaginary Art Gallery that is part of a graduate school application.

Trout Mask Replica – Captain Beefheart

Ubu Roi – Alfred Jarry

La Barraca Teatro Universitario

Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden – Summerville, Georgia, USA

Baby Dance of Etikpe, Cross River, Nigeria 2004 via The Third Eye | photo by Phyllis Galembo

Magical Mystery Tour (film) – The Beatles

West Malling Air Station, Kent, England. 20th September 1967.

© Apple Films Ltd.

Goofy Golf – Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

Female Trouble (film) – John Waters

El Topo (film) – Alejandro Jodorowsky

Rabbit’s Moon (film) – Kenneth Anger

Horse Drawn Magic (film) – featuring the Caravan Stage Theater

Bauhaus Costumes