Emotional Dog

Dog was walking along on a bright, sunny beach. He looked to the right and saw a little place where cats lived. “How nice,” he thought. “A place for all the cats to live.” He felt a tug at his heart and began to cry. “It’s so special for the cats to live there.” Then he felt a tug in the opposite direction. He wanted to chase and eat the cats. He barked and ran towards cat land. The cats dispersed and he didn’t catch any. A sea gull flew over, witnessing. Dog saw one cat that was old and dirty and smelled absolutely horrible and disgusting. He leapt toward it and held it in his mouth. The flavor was unpleasant.

“Good, I’m glad you don’t want to eat me,» said the wise old cat from Dog’s mouth. «I am old and want to die in my own way.”

“I very much understand and respect that,” said Dog, coming to his senses. “I can eat something else that will be better for me, I think. Something that will bring me health.” Dog imagined a marble fountain overflowing with healing waters. Tears wet his big, black eyes.