Clark Williams with a fan, photographed by his daughter in Almería, Spain

Clark Williams, Performing Artist, as photographed by his five-year-old daughter on a hill above Almería, Spain

Clark Williams works in a variety of mediums which, though instantly recognizable in practice, are not easy to describe in the usual terms. A musician by trade, he creates songs and musical soundscapes which he allies with absurdist song and dance. An accomplished songwriter and performer who is best known as “Big Kitty,” Williams has worked towards a new artistic project that utilizes traditional small-room concert spaces (bars, houses, coffee shops, et cetera) to fuse theatre and songwriting in a novel, dreamlike, and immediately accessible fashion. He uses popular forms in a way that is «slightly off,» as John Ashbery put it, in order to achieve a sense of life as art. He tends to explore themes of death and horror, mixing these with humor in a way that encourages sympathy, sensitivity, acceptance, and positivity.

Artist Statement

Clark Williams travaille dans un medium de performance que, quoique reconnaissable instamment á la pratique, n’est pas facile á décrire dans les termes traditionnelles. Musicien de métier, il crée des chansons et paysages de son avec lesquelles il unissent la chante et la danse absurdes.