It’s easy to forget

It’s easy to forget everything but especially easy for me to forget that I have a blog. There are always plenty of thoughts but not always the connection to put them into words on here to be, maybe, read by somebody. My mind has never been well-organized. I’ve always felt tugged between different personalities. I have a family which limits my time working on writing and the computer. I have a not-too demanding job of teaching English. I have a lot to share with you too.

We die every night and are born anew each morning–Yuri told me that, and I think she was quoting Thích Nhất Hạnh.

I am a true Cancerian in that I have a «protective shell.» If I’m born every day, though, I may sometimes be more of a soft-shell crab!

Recently I had an awakening. I was looking through the poetry section of the library. Everything is in Spanish except for a few bilingual editions. I saw a book called Vomit so I had to pick it up and look at it. It was an anthology of North American poets I’d never heard of, all around my age or even younger. It includes Noah Cicero, Dorothea Lasky, Sam Pink, Tao Lin. These people wrote a lot like I’ve been writing, but not showing it to anybody. I’ve been focused all on music for the last decade, and occasionally writing on the side. Seeing their work inspired me to write more, and in changed my life in a crucial way. Thanks to Vomit!


Susan dice:

Word vomit can be very purging and healthful

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